7 Day Parenting Makeover
7 days to better parenting skills and better behaved kids. 
7 Short Videos.
​​​​​​​7 Worksheets
1 Happier Family. 
This makeover will help you identify your parenting style, improve your confidence, and teach you how to encourage more of the behavior you want to see from your kids. 
If you don't understand the basics of behavior, you will keep having problems. 
Learn the basics in 7 days. 
Why won't my child listen?
Why is it always a struggle?
What am I doing wrong?

Find the solution to these problems when you sign up for the
7 Day Parenting Makeover.

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Andrea Galbreath
Your Guide.
The 7 Day Parenting Challenge is taught by Andrea Galbreath, Family Wellness Consultant.  Andrea is an author, speaker, and the creator of  Save Your Sanity Parenting. She has 2 sons, 1 daughter, 3 dogs, and a cat named George. George likes to be on camera and often sneaks in to Andrea's videos. 
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